"Does Corona affect the building project?" This is the most common question we get. A quick answer is this: strangely, not really. Because we are currently on schedule and even plan to start construction earlier.

“On schedule” practically means that we have ordered the material for the foundation and the house! Great news of course! On April 1st, we placed the order with the expectation that the money for its transport will arrive on time. This completes the first phase. We are very grateful for that! Production has started and the architect in Denmark is doing his utmost to get everything on time to the first ship to Tasiilaq. This will arrive in early June.

The second phase has started!
This means that we are looking for volunteers and financial support.
• before June 8th, the remaining money for the transport must be received (10,000 Euro)
• The money for electricity and plumbing must be received by the beginning of July (55,000 Euro). This work has to be done by the locals, because specific knowledge is needed (legislation, environmental requirements, etc.). This also includes wages.
• a buffer is very desirable before the 1st of July, for unforeseen costs (15,000 Euro).

Are you building with us?
Anyone who wants to help is welcome. We are well aware that corona does play a role in this, because maybe there are not flights. But we just go on with this adventure. All national flights will fly again in early May, because Greenland is corona-free.

People are needed from mid-June to early September. Our preference is the month of July. It takes 1.000 hours to build this building. A befriended Greenlandic carpenter comes to help us for 5 weeks, so we need 5 more people to build the house in 1 month. Are you participating? www.missionhouse-eastgreenland.com

We are happy to answer your questions and think along with you about accommodation, travel and, for example, insurance. You can reply to this email if you want.

Warm greetings!
Peter and Thinka

In 2015 we started missionary work in Greenland. In the beginning there were about 4 people structurally comming to the Sunday services. In the meantime, that number has grown to around 20 people per Sunday. The place we rent for these services is still the same, but that will soon change. The building will receive a new owner in April and its purpose will change. That means that we will no longer be able to rent it for Sunday services and need a different location soon.

Good news!
We have always been on the look out for a good alternative. Fortunately we found one. The municipality of Tasiilaq has offered us a nice location to build an own facility. On July the 15th we hope to start building a new missionhouse. Together with many supporters 110,000 Euro has been saved. We are very happy about that! But that is only half of what is needed to realize the entire missionhouse. Before the end of March we still need 50,000 Euro. With that we can purchase the foundation and building materials for the house and transport everything by ship from Denmark to Tasiilaq. The rest, 70,000 Euro, is needed by the end of May for plumbing and electricity work. There are pending applications from various funds that could provide for a part.

Do you want to consider contributing financially? We are looking for 100 people who, before the end of March, want to invest 500 Euro into the construction of the missionhouse. Thinka and I will be the first ones to put in 500 Euro each. Together we can achieve the goal! You can transfer money via this link or make a transfer to the account number mentioned at the end of this e-mail, subject “Project 486”.

How wonderful it would be if we had a permanent place, from where the Kingdom of God can spread over Tasiilaq and the surrounding villages. We can already see it: a spacious building for the Bible school, Sunday services, deliverance- and healing services, and more! We long for more people to come to know Jesus so that their lives will be changed. Like for example the one of a mother, who shared that she experiences Gods peace so much that she is not screaming anymore at home. Wonderful for her husband, who also came to faith, and her children. We are so grateful to God for doing such things. The facility that we plan to build is necessary so that this work does not have to stop, but that it can grow even more.

Practical help?
In the period between the 15th of July and the 15th of September we need people who want to help with the construction of the house. Are you interested? We look forward to receive an email from you.

A warm greeting,
Peter and Thinka

How can we describe a move of God's Spirit in an update?

Our great desire is that a church comes into being, in which unity and the grace of God rule. The wonderful thing about this work is that we cannot do it ourselves. But the promise we trust in is that we will bear fruit when we stay in Him. And we also want you to enjoy that fruit. Slowly, step by step, we see how God's Spirit touches people.

Last month three people were baptized! Three people who realized what Jesus had done for them and who wanted to leave their old life behind. With the Bibleschool we started to look into the stories about the birth of the church in the book of Acts. It is impressive to see how decisively Christians acted in their faith. With persecution, miracles and unity, they lived a new life in Christ.

One of the first stories we listened to, was about the outpouring of God’s Spirit. During the worship and the prayer that followed, several people were deeply filled with God's Spirit and peace. The pain in the neck, knee and back also went away with different people.

The next story was the one of the lame beggar, who was healed by Peter and John in the name of Jesus. The question was raised if Peter and John prayed for healing. Whoever knows the story knows that they did not. They simply spoke with authority under God's guidance and the lame man was healed. That was a wonderful revelation for us. A week later someone enthusiastically shared that she had folled this example with her son, who had a fever. The fever disappeared like snow in the sun! Praise God!

Through these stories there is a growing awareness among us that God desires to have a church that is decisive in love. A group of people who helps one another in their needs. A group who has left behind their old way of living and looks after eachother. That also means that that we address the elephant in the room and resolve old conflicts so real unity can come.

How will God's Spirit continue to challenge us in this?

To our great joy we heard that something beautiful was happening among some Greenlanders, in which we played no role whatsoever. One of the persons who had been baptized had participated in a course in which quitting alcohol had also been a topic. She mentioned that she did know someone with practical experience. After a phonecall, people were taken to Linda, who has been following Jesus for a few years and whose former life with alcohol has stopped. The group of people listened to her story and the question was raised: “how did you get rid of the alcohol?” The answer was heart-warming: “It wasn't myself, that was Jesus!” And she could testify about her new life in Christ and how He has changed the life of her husband and her so tremendously.

Do we see here how local Christians are standing up and starting to reach their own people ...?

A completely different subject is the mission house that we want to build in July 2020. We already have a lot of money available for that, which has been collected in the last years. We still need 100,000 Euros to be able to make the vision of a mission house reality. Could you pray for open doors and Gods supply? Check for more information on www.missionhouse-eastgreenland.com.

Thank you for participating in the work of God here in Eastgreenland. Some have just joined this work and others have been participating for years. In both cases, you share in the fruit of this work and we hope that we are able to let you also share in the joy that is rising here!

Connected in Christ,
Peter and Thinka

In the past month there has been national attention for Tasiilaq. Statistics of abuse and the great lack of help have reached the ears of politics. When you consider that every third child, since 1995, has suffered sexual abuse, it is really dramatic.

Politicians are helpless. “Once a month a psychologist flies over to Tasiilaq.” But that's like trying to extinguish a blazing forest fire with a water gun. The cause of every fifth person who dies is suicide. In the Netherlands that is one in a thousand.

But we have the message in our heart that offers a solution! The gospel brings hope and life. God is not slow and is not absent. His presence and wisdom heal when people seek Him. At the beginning of May we held the annual course "Pain of the heart". For this, a pastor from the west coast flies over to us to teach and counsel for a week. His ministry is based entirely on gifts. 14 people (8 new participants) have faced their pain - sometimes for the first time. I am thinking of one woman in particular, who before the course did not understand why they are so angry and tired of each other at home. She wanted someone to come and pray away the spirit that must be causing these problems. Now she has discovered that these feelings are related to the many abuses she has suffered. Traumas have been touched by God and people have forgiven the perpetrators. It was special and intensive again and there is still a long way to go - with God's help!

Unfortunately, the costs for the course are not yet covered. Would you like to help us with this?

Our furlough in Europe

We are already preparing for the trip to the Netherlands and Germany. We eat as much fish as possible or give it away, so that at least 1 freezer will be empty... We look forward to meeting you and to be able to share many more details that are not suitable to tell via the digital way.

In the Netherlands we have a mission evening in the Pentecostal church "Morgenstond" on Saturday July 6, starting at 7:30 PM. Address is César Franckrode 58 in Zoetermeer.

We would also be happy to visit you and your house-group. If you are interested, feel free to mail.


Since we started to change the Bible school, because we wanted more interaction, we see that God is doing something new. When we talked about the story of the Tower of Babel for example, it became clear that people are again going their own way. And then suddenly the promise comes to Abram! Something big is coming. It is exciting to see how God gradually reveals Himself and His plan. You would think that people already know everything. But nothing is less true. The stories are fresh and new and bring about change in people (and us).

Warm greetings from Greenland and see you soon!

Peter and Katharina