How can we describe a move of God's Spirit in an update?

Our great desire is that a church comes into being, in which unity and the grace of God rule. The wonderful thing about this work is that we cannot do it ourselves. But the promise we trust in is that we will bear fruit when we stay in Him. And we also want you to enjoy that fruit. Slowly, step by step, we see how God's Spirit touches people.

Last month three people were baptized! Three people who realized what Jesus had done for them and who wanted to leave their old life behind. With the Bibleschool we started to look into the stories about the birth of the church in the book of Acts. It is impressive to see how decisively Christians acted in their faith. With persecution, miracles and unity, they lived a new life in Christ.

One of the first stories we listened to, was about the outpouring of God’s Spirit. During the worship and the prayer that followed, several people were deeply filled with God's Spirit and peace. The pain in the neck, knee and back also went away with different people.

The next story was the one of the lame beggar, who was healed by Peter and John in the name of Jesus. The question was raised if Peter and John prayed for healing. Whoever knows the story knows that they did not. They simply spoke with authority under God's guidance and the lame man was healed. That was a wonderful revelation for us. A week later someone enthusiastically shared that she had folled this example with her son, who had a fever. The fever disappeared like snow in the sun! Praise God!

Through these stories there is a growing awareness among us that God desires to have a church that is decisive in love. A group of people who helps one another in their needs. A group who has left behind their old way of living and looks after eachother. That also means that that we address the elephant in the room and resolve old conflicts so real unity can come.

How will God's Spirit continue to challenge us in this?

To our great joy we heard that something beautiful was happening among some Greenlanders, in which we played no role whatsoever. One of the persons who had been baptized had participated in a course in which quitting alcohol had also been a topic. She mentioned that she did know someone with practical experience. After a phonecall, people were taken to Linda, who has been following Jesus for a few years and whose former life with alcohol has stopped. The group of people listened to her story and the question was raised: “how did you get rid of the alcohol?” The answer was heart-warming: “It wasn't myself, that was Jesus!” And she could testify about her new life in Christ and how He has changed the life of her husband and her so tremendously.

Do we see here how local Christians are standing up and starting to reach their own people ...?

A completely different subject is the mission house that we want to build in July 2020. We already have a lot of money available for that, which has been collected in the last years. We still need 100,000 Euros to be able to make the vision of a mission house reality. Could you pray for open doors and Gods supply? Check for more information on

Thank you for participating in the work of God here in Eastgreenland. Some have just joined this work and others have been participating for years. In both cases, you share in the fruit of this work and we hope that we are able to let you also share in the joy that is rising here!

Connected in Christ,
Peter and Thinka

In the past month there has been national attention for Tasiilaq. Statistics of abuse and the great lack of help have reached the ears of politics. When you consider that every third child, since 1995, has suffered sexual abuse, it is really dramatic.

Politicians are helpless. “Once a month a psychologist flies over to Tasiilaq.” But that's like trying to extinguish a blazing forest fire with a water gun. The cause of every fifth person who dies is suicide. In the Netherlands that is one in a thousand.

But we have the message in our heart that offers a solution! The gospel brings hope and life. God is not slow and is not absent. His presence and wisdom heal when people seek Him. At the beginning of May we held the annual course "Pain of the heart". For this, a pastor from the west coast flies over to us to teach and counsel for a week. His ministry is based entirely on gifts. 14 people (8 new participants) have faced their pain - sometimes for the first time. I am thinking of one woman in particular, who before the course did not understand why they are so angry and tired of each other at home. She wanted someone to come and pray away the spirit that must be causing these problems. Now she has discovered that these feelings are related to the many abuses she has suffered. Traumas have been touched by God and people have forgiven the perpetrators. It was special and intensive again and there is still a long way to go - with God's help!

Unfortunately, the costs for the course are not yet covered. Would you like to help us with this?

Our furlough in Europe

We are already preparing for the trip to the Netherlands and Germany. We eat as much fish as possible or give it away, so that at least 1 freezer will be empty... We look forward to meeting you and to be able to share many more details that are not suitable to tell via the digital way.

In the Netherlands we have a mission evening in the Pentecostal church "Morgenstond" on Saturday July 6, starting at 7:30 PM. Address is César Franckrode 58 in Zoetermeer.

We would also be happy to visit you and your house-group. If you are interested, feel free to mail.


Since we started to change the Bible school, because we wanted more interaction, we see that God is doing something new. When we talked about the story of the Tower of Babel for example, it became clear that people are again going their own way. And then suddenly the promise comes to Abram! Something big is coming. It is exciting to see how God gradually reveals Himself and His plan. You would think that people already know everything. But nothing is less true. The stories are fresh and new and bring about change in people (and us).

Warm greetings from Greenland and see you soon!

Peter and Katharina

Dear friends,

Where there is unity, God commands His blessing. Leaders from all over Greenland met for the INO Leaders' Conference. That is the acknowledged Pentecostal church in Greenland, to which we have become members of this year. The distance that I had to travel was as far as from Turkey to Sweden and there were also 4 flights and an overnight stay needed. But I never wanted to miss this! In total, more than 20,000 Euros were needed for about 30 leaders to come together to the conference. Never before have almost all leaders in the country met in one meeting. And I think what we got back in return is so valuable.

What happened? Of course there have been lessons about leadership. We stayed close to the Bible. No fancy, over-spiritual or overly ambitious goals. But clear, simple and beautiful education that confirmed, corrected and encouraged us in our positions. For example, that we can not preach anything if we do not strive for it ourselves. Or that our speaking is supported by what we ourselves do. Or that we as leaders serve the local church (as part of the body of Christ) and that we should do this with a great effort. Bearing in mind that our family is more important than the church. Simple, clear and straightforward education. What a wonderful relief in this time in which so many people roam about. Praise God for Spirit-filled teaching!
What also has spoken to me is to hear how the hope and love that God shows through Jesus moves us to take our responsibility. If you are called to be a leader (1 Tim 3), then you have the task of reinforcing people in their relationship with God, unconstrained. In doing so, God pays attention to how you deal with your wife and children. Education has strengthened me to see the frameworks again, in which God wants to use me.

A somewhat more personal view that helps me is this: will I ever disappoint God in this all? No. Because God does not expect anything from me. Really. He does not expect it from me, but from His Spirit, who wants to work through me. Every hope in me is given up, because Jesus is now living in me. And He builds His church through us. And when I feel isolated or fail big time, I have a great "Lawyer" and Brother, who is never surprised or frightened of sin. Whoever flees to Him is untouchable.

I enjoyed and laughed with my spiritual brothers and sisters on the West Coast. All of them, each and every one, people who are wonderfully weak and know God's power in their lives. For a few days we were gone from home to be strengthened by each other's faith and love for Jesus. I am now on my way to Tasiilaq and now I am in Nuuk, in the little room in the church where this adventure started. We hope that I can fly on Wednesday, because another storm is coming in Tasiilaq. Then Thinka might have to care 2-3 more days for the kids all alone. What a hero, even if I say so myself.

Dear friends, I am very grateful that you contribute in one way or the other to the work here in Greenland. God's light is breaking through, amidst opposition. But speaking the truth in love, we will fully grow up into Him.

A warm greeting!

“Uguapor” (= there he is), was what Cora (2 yrs.) responded to my question in Greenlandic where the fly was. It is astounding to see who easy she is picking up the language.

But also Joël is very able to speak the local language. He easily instructed our visitors how to play a game, and completely translated Thinka’s story on Noah on Sunday. That recent Sunday was special. A mother of five had come for the first time upon Thinka’s invitation. Normally we would only meet each other while picking up Joël from the kindergarden. She would then also pick up her son, who is best friends with Joël. One day, when she passed by our terrace, she started talking. She said that her mother had committed suicide (we guess a longer time ago), and also three or four siblings. That was a shocking (and usual) story. We desire to help out so much, but what do you do with this? The depth of this misery is so deep and we are not able to help. Isn’t that great to realize? Because what is impossible with us, is possible with God. That is why we were thrilled that she wanted to join the meeting. That Sunday, after sharing a testimony and speaking on Jesus’ love for Zacchaeus, she gladly received prayer. The love of God touched her and started to heal her heart. The peace of God came to her. It is so thrilling to see God at work where we are helpless.

That Sunday, she and her five children came to visit us. Will you pray for her? Pray that she will live in this new hope that she received?

Even though “only” five people showed up, the power of the Lord  was noticeable. Two other people were instantly healed of their back problems! Sometimes though, I (Peter) feel reserved about the miracles, because what I really desire to see is people who are madly in love with Christ and who are walking with Him in their daily lives. But… Jesus focusses on the joy that there is in miracles. Even kings and prophets wanted to see what His disciples saw. And He said about them:”Blessed are the eyes that see what you see!” (Luke 10:24). Blessed are we! We see God at work!

It has been some time ago, that the course “Pain of the Heart” was given. It helped people to be open about their painful past (sometimes for the first time!). Neglect, alcohol abuse and its consequences, sexual abuse and suicide (and having seen that happen); those are the kind of topics that was spoken about. The first days were very hard and emotionally burdensome. But afterwards the release came and people forgave others, while others experienced reconciliation! We had 12 participants this time and plan to have the course again next year. We also plan to have a day where the participants can come back and meet with each other.

Hopefully, we will be able to baptize a few people in the very near future! We plan to do that in the mountain-river. What shall happen because of this? How will people respond in Tasiilaq? This has never happened before. Either way, it will be a huge blessing for those who are being baptized! They follow Jesus, as He also was baptized.

In May, we have officially started the INO-church in Tasiilaq. That is the acknowledged Greenlandic Pentecostal church. The pastor who gave the course “PotH” has ordained us that Sunday in May. This was a special moment that we experienced together with our friends. It is a pleasant thought that we are now part of a larger community and people will also be able to identify with us in a clearer way. INO is organizing a leaders-conference for the local leaders and I would like to join for five days. The costs for this 2-day flight travel are 1.700 Euro. Would you like to help us with this?

To all who are soon going on holiday, enjoy the sun and warmth! Blessings!

Peter and Thinka

It is high time for an update! We have been busy lately and a lot has happened. Are we in a new season maybe? A season of reaping?

What a season!

In two weeks time 8-9 people have come to faith. Someone asked us for help because of dark thoughts and someone else could see shadows. Also, someone suddenly had a strong desire to come to the Bible school. Another person took her granddaughters to Bible school, who came to faith. Before our own eyes we see how God heals (someone from back complaints), delivers (from demonic attacks) and people are set free from the power of the evil one! We just stand there and look at it. We could see the face of people changing and the eyes shone when God came to live in them! What a pleasure it is to see!

We appreciate your prayer for their growth in Christ! Because the spiritual battle is not won. For example, we know from a very different person that she is not coming anymore, because she got nightmares when she started to visit us again ... and therefore would rather not have any contact with us anymore. She does not understand that God wants to bring the darkness to light.

A visit from YWAM-Norway

A YWAM team has also come from Norway. They are on outreach here, just as I was 10 years ago. It is great to be able to work side by side! For some time, for example, we had the idea of helping a retired widower. He also opens his house for others, but there is actually no real help for him. His only son has an alcohol problem and does not live here. If our "true religion is ... assisting widows and orphans in their need" (James 1:27), then this is a good start. He would love to see his living room painted. It was dark and dirty. Below the photos. With the nine of us (also someone from the church) we started and we spent two hours cleaning his walls. Then the wall absorbed our paint and the next day the second layer came over it. What a difference and what a joy it gave this man and us!

Our own request for help

We still want to come up with our own request for help regarding the tax we have to pay. We are still in need of 12,000 Euro (+/- 15.000 USD). This is why: normally we pay tax on our annual "income" afterwards. Recently I found out that an interest charge of 1,250 Euro (+/- 1.550 USD) is therefore charged. That is a waste of money we think. To avoid interest charge, we therefore started to pay in advance. We will receive an interest tax for 2017 in September, unless we pay tax before May. That is where the challenge lies, because at the same time we are already paying the tax of 2018. We hope to be able to make this big shift, so that we will never have to pay an interest charge again, as we have started to pay taxes in advance. We are also looking for ways to reduce the lack, so we will not travel to the Netherlands this year, for example. We find it less charming to have to write a request for help because of taxes, but without it we can not be here. It is also pressuring for us, because it involves a large amount. But it would be very good, because we can avoid a high interest tax every year. Do you want to consider helping us in this shift and pray that this amount comes in?


The excitement is rising because in 7 weeks we expect the birth of our third child! We still do not know with certainty whether it is a boy or a girl. But we are certainly looking forward to the arrival of Thinka's mother in March, so that we are not alone!

A warm greeting,
Peter, Thinka, Joël, Cora and ...

We have been back in Tasiilaq for five weeks and the cold wind from the north-east is announcing the change of season. In the midst of this change we are busy catching up with what is happening here: fishing, picking berries and hunting. The freezer is already full, so we can get through the winter and also have plenty to share.

What is keeping us busy?

It is a challange to pick up the work again, in all respects. Different relationships feel a bit rusted (if you can say it this way...). We have been without a translator for a long time now, which means that I have to speak in broken Danish. And that has to be translated ad-hoc by different people. Also the facility in which we meet has been available to us just once. Many are not coming at this time. What is the reason for that? Spiritual battle? The season?

It brings us back to the question: how are we being the church here? I realise very well that the amount of people do not not by definition show fruitfullness. God asks us to be faithfull and reliable and we try to follow His direction as good as possible. But which direction does He want to go to with the people here? Should we change activities? Shifting our focus? Would you pray for us?


Thinka's parents and two sisters have visited us for three weeks in Tasiilaq, which was very enjoyable. Participation in the Greenlandic way of living was a little challanging, because "you can not eat seal, can you?" But after the whale, the seal followed quickly and a then some polar bear meat. Yes, these are the local cows and goats. And as quickly as the time past by, we brought them with the boat to the island where their plane would take them back to Europe. Soon again, we will have two other lovely people paying us a visit. By the end of September, Rick and Esther will come from the Netherlands. We met them in the Netherlands and we would like to learn from their experience how they founded a church. We are very much looking forward to their coming!

Last but not least

Regarding the visa we have no report yet, so we wait patiently and expect to receive some news in November.

We hope to be able to write a newsletter soon as well!

A warm greeting and blessing!
Peter, Thinka, Joël and Cora

It’s like you suddenly have become a small child in an adult body. We keep asking people to repeat themselves and we have a hard time of repeating even the smallest words. Working cross cultural is a humbling, painful and fun experience!

(Peter) I have read somewhere that people who are cross cultural workers, will keep experiencing some stress. And as a direct Dutch man and a “punktlich” German woman, we notice that it takes much effort to explore the Greenlandic culture. Yet, we have been able to use a little of the language, for example while doing shopping. I remembered how to ask if the bananas had a discount. And indeed, they were on discount. 10 bananas for € 6,70 (7,5 USD) instead of for € 16,30 (18,3 USD). We  might really be able to get used to the culture, but we are not sure if that counts for the prices as well…

The pressure is rising
This year we are in Greenland for the 3rd year. The type of visa that we have now has been extended for a second time, which is the limit. Does this mean that we can not be in Greenland anymore? Technically, that is true. In June, our visa expires. So we are working hard to find another option. The idea to leave Greenland we find devastating, which also counts for the Greenlandic friends that we have made.
A handful of people are getting to know God better week by week, and we see them grow in their love. A young girl of 12 year old is very happy to join our bibleschool. And we gave education concerning baptism, as some are thinking about being baptised. These are just a few examples of what we see happening here. We feel like we are not done yet with the work and that Gods plan is for us to stay here. The problems concerning our visa feel like the sword of Damocles. We keep praying for it and have our eyes open for possibilities. Will you assist us in prayer?

A course that helps people further
A Greenlandic pastor (Brian Wind) still wants to come to Tasiilaq in order to give a 5-day course. In November, the weather has put a spanner in the works for him to come here. All had to be cancelled.  This course is of great value as it is given in Greenlandic and will touch upon the topic of heart pain (in particular as a result of alcohol, abuse and neglect). The course is very well regarded and we are eager to offer this to the people. The total costs are € 2.500 (2.800 USD). When 80% is in, then we can buy tickets and arrange the facility and hope to have Brian here in April. Would you consider supporting this work? Please mention any transfer via email, so we can count it.

For some time now we have not send any newsletters, so we could get better into the starting blocks with the time that we spared, to learn Eastgreenlandic. This has had a good effect! But we want to continue to inform you, so we are going to write a more extensive newsletter in March. Thanks for your support and prayers!

Warm regards,
Peter, Thinka, Joël en Cora

Outside it is getting dark already at 14:30 and to our surprise it thaws a bit. However, the thaw has not been able to remove our 40 cm snow and fresh snow is falling now. So it is not that cold, but the weather still determines the activities here, including the course.

In our last update, I wrote that we would hold a pastoral course. A Greenlandic(!) pastor (Brian) would give this course. He would fly especially for this from the west coast to the east coast. After a flight with two step overs he could be here in Tasiilaq. But all was cancelled. Nothing could continue. The weather was so turbulent that Brian could not even make the first step over. After being stuck in Nuuk for almost a week, we decided to cancel the flight and accommodation.

To our relief we got almost all the money back for the ticket and the owner of the accommodation did not charge us. They are used to cancellations due to the weather. Tasiilaq has a name concerning its remoteness. Nevertheless, we will try again next year, because this Greenlandic pastoral course has the potential to let people deal with inner pain. The gifts that we have received for this course will remain for this purpose. Thanks for that!

What keeps us busy?

In October we have welcomed a Dutch/Indonesian couple, Willem and Judith. For three weeks they lived at our place to investigate if they will also live in Tasiilaq. Their desire is to work with the children. They had a good click with the children and we are curious how God will guide their further steps. It has been a valuable and fun time!

Furthermore, we are intensely learning the East Greenlandic language since two months. A language trainer is helping us and we tell her which sentences we want to learn and then we practice those. Then we look for opportunities to use these sentences for real. This also provides for surprising responses. For example we were learning how to talk about the weather. Thinka asked a friend (Sabine) in a conversation about different kinds of weather which she liked the most. Instead of answering which weather Sabine liked the most, she responded that it was the bible school that she actually enjoyed the most! A challenge we have is that our language trainer has an alcohol problem and has not showed up a few times. That does not make it easier to learn. If something is important in learning a language, then it is consistency and discipline. Thank you for your prayers and gifts. The costs of the past two month have been covered by them. Also in the future we expect recurring costs of € 250,- to learn the language.

A look into the bible school

Knowing Jesus is accompanied with transformation and we see that happening in the bible school. In the past lesson we learned from 1 John 1 that we need to walk in the light. After this, we discovered what God says about occultism and that many people fall for this. After we discussed this, everyone brought things into the light (confessed sins) and we experienced how God brought powerful  deliverance. The joy that arose was noticed for days. It was encouraging to see that one person especially came out of the shell and was just really there. Step by step God gives healing.

Because the language learning keeps us very busy, we will not write a newsletter (neither did we in October). We are not sure what we will do in January. We hope that with this extra time, we can invest deeper into the language learning.

Warm regards and God bless you,

Peter, Thinka, Joël and Cora


First I spoke with him about the skull of a polar bear and today it went about a mysterious odor in a house...

Our return to Tasiilaq is with mixed feelings. Joyful and also missing our family and friends. But we experience that God has called us to the people of East Greenland. The people we saw were very excited to start learning more about God through the Bible school and services again.

A typical event
After I brought Joël to the daycare, I walked back and got invited to step into a car. The driver had once asked me if I wanted to buy the skull of a polar bear. I had said that I was only interested in the meat. But now the question was different: it was about a problem that many people here seem to have and where our western society finds this very strange.

A woman he knows was visited last night. Not only could she clearly experience a person being in the house, but she could also smell him! And if I wanted to deal with this evil spirit (yes you are reading this well). We exchanged phone numbers and I am allready looking forward to the peace that God wants to bring into this situation.

Further help
Mastering the language is essential for us and other things will have to make room for that. Next week we will start hiring someone who can teach us baby steps in learning the language. For the interested, we will use the LAMP method. In short, that means we endlessly repeat short sentences and slowly will expand the conversations. This project will cost 250 Euro a month. We do not know how many months this will take. Would you like to help us (structurally) in this project?

Another project is that we have invited a Greenlandic pastor from the West Coast. For five days he will give a course (read conference), in which God can touch the pain of the heart and release people from their bondage. The flight in November has been booked allready and the total costs will be 2.000 Euro. In addition to the teachings. he will counsel people in the evenings. This is indispensable. Would you like to help us help the people here, making Gods Kingdom expand?

If you wish to contribute to the language project or the course, please reply to this email stating where the next gift should go to.

Finally, we want to thank everyone for the care, attention, love and support that we experienced during our furlough in the Netherlands and Germany! We are refreshed and have gained new strength!

Thanks for your prayers and support!
Warm regards and be blessed,
Peter and Thinka

We are going to come to the Netherlands and Germany! That was a pretty spontaneous decision. Our decision seems to be just as spontaneous as a necessity as dodging ice floes at sea.

As summer invites people to go fishing and hunting or search for mussels and berries, the weekends will be filled mainly with that. And we can imagine it. We spent the whole winter here, experienced a hurricane that is unprecedented (strongest since 26 years) and understand that one takes the chance to get out of the village. We also suddenly had to stop using the location for our Sundayservices (it is being used in weekends to care for children whose parents are drunk). Along with the coming of our second child, all this has contributed to our decision to come on leave to the Netherlands, because we can not do much in the summer as people will be out.

In August and September we will be in the Netherlands and Germany, about which we will send further information soon. After quite a few inquiries and research, we found out that the baby is allowed to travel without a passport to Iceland and the Netherlands.

Today, Sunday 22 May, has been our last Sunday service. Katharina is mainly prepairing for childbirth here in Greenland. The course that she gave was completed with many blessings and hard work and the only thing that keeps going (until birth) is the Bibleschool on Friday. Would we still be able to purchase a building before we leave?

A warm greeting and God bless you!

Peter, Katharina and Joël


This last week we had a great time in which tens of people decided to put their trust in the work that Jesus did for us on the cross. The message of forgiveness and new life was confirmed by the Lord with miracles!

Last Friday spontaneously we organised a great meeting with short term missionairies who come every half year and 5 local people. We preached the Gospel, had a testimony and people were healed. I wrote "we" organised a great evening, but of course it was God who blessed us richly in unity, salvation and miracles!

What touched us was the number of young people who were attracted by the evening. There were some with tears in their eyes when they were about to put their trust in what Jesus had done for us. Will you pray with us that they will continue to grow in faith and follow Jesus? In the end we prayed for healing and many came to the front for that. Among other things, we saw that God took away backpains!

Before the evening really began I introduced that someone from Tasiilaq would give her testimony. During the Bibleschool she and her husband came to faith. She testified what God had done and that their marriage underwent deep changes, which also their children noticed. On this evening we were also alert to the fact that people are afraid of "other religions". A rumor that is going on is that "we" (including our Greenlandic friends) are from a different faith. There is a lot of suspicion. Two people immediately approached us if we believed the same as the Lutheran church. That is why I repeatedly spoke about our use of their own Greenlandic Bible.

Another point we were a bit nervous about was about the attendence of new people in church. Would they come? It is good and necessary for the church to grow (in depth as well as in width). There were seven new people on Sunday morning! That was a great encouragement for all of us. Will this continue? Will they suddenly leave? Would you please pray for our spiritual growth?

Our focus
We heard that we probably can not use the place for our weekly Sunday meetings anymore. Also summer is coming and people get more busy with building, fishing, hunting and -of course- holidays. These developments, including the expected birth in the beginning of June, cause us to ask ourselves a few questions: will we continue to meet weekly on Sunday? How about the Bible School? Will we maybe organise big monthly (evangelistic) meetings? We have to be flexible. It may mean that we have a meeting suddenly or for example have "nothing" for three weeks. Would you please pray with us for guidance? And of course we appreciate your prayers for the birth (preparations...).

Warm greetings and thanks so much for your support (in whatever way that is).
God bless you!
Peter, Katharina and Joël

Our window is open and fresh air comes in. Outside it is 2 degrees Celsius. Even though it is warm, the fishermen are standing on the ice and I am wondering if that is safe. “They know what they are doing”, was the answer. “But severe accidents happen easily here”, I replied.

In the last week we received message about two young people who committed suicide. I heard from someone that in his circle of friends and family already nine people committed suicide. Also we heard the story of just one person whom had a miscarriage on her 15th, eventually followed by six abortions. We have the choice to simply let these stories fly over our head, or feel with and be touched by the sadness and grieve, while God’s forgiveness and healing comes in.

The lady, whose family member committed suicide last week, came to our church meeting last Sunday for the first time. There she met Jesus Christ and He gave her deep peace and healed her back pain. Is her loss gone than? No. But she has experienced what it means to seek refuge with God. I am experiencing more and more how God does not take away brokenness with just a snap of His fingers. He comes into it and the pain, the loss and grieve is being absorbed in His peace and love. That gives space to breath. Of course I still trust God for big miracles, radical healings and deliverances. But how “normal” and pleasant is the communion with God who feels with and carries our burdens and pains. Jesus cares!

On the other side, we enjoy life! We expect a baby in June, my parents are visiting in March and Thursdays we are having Bible school. We are also simply enjoying our marriage. Yes, that may also be said. We are laughing heartily together and we hope to never lose that J. Last Sunday we also enjoyed meeting God with 16 other people, who came to the service. And this year two people have decided to follow Jesus. I would like to zoom in on that.

I received a call from Anitse, because someone had asked her to come and pray inside their house. A friend of the owner had seen a shadow in the corner, which grabbed her leg. From that day on her leg hurts every day. A strange story? Some of us ignore this too easily but where should people than find help with these kind of problems? The owner had already tried calling a ‘healer’ who would ‘clean the house’ (which costed money!). Well, we went there. When we arrived I could present them the Good News and she seemed to be acquainted with that (she actually turned out to be a Christian). Her husband decided to follow Jesus and we prayed for them. Earlier that week he had a severe car-accident through which his back was damaged. When we prayed for that problem, he felt the pain decrease. They both came to the last Bible school lesson and told us that his back was healed and that the house became peaceful. It was Jesus who gave them direction. Will they continue to grow? Please pray for this couple.

Furthermore I hoped to have heard more about the ‘yellow house’. But unfortunately we are still in the waiting room. We are waiting for the papers to be made ready in Nuuk. But until the missions house will stand we will continue with teaching and sowing Gods Word. We can already see growth taking place! “The harvest is plentiful”. Will you pray with us?

Next month Katharina will start a course with three women. This course helps to bring pain from the past to God, so healing can take place. This will take three months. We will also work on starting up regional programs in the Christian radio.  These programs could help to reach people in Tasiilaq that we do not know personally! But more on that in the next update :).

Last but not least, a link to a documentary of fifteen minutes that describe the problems well here in Tasiilaq.

Warm greetings,
Peter, Katharina and Joël

In the past I always thought that the stars in the sky were little holes. I was then also wondering where the light behind them came from. Well, stars are small light dots so my thought was dismissed. Now I am happily surprised that this thought is not unknown here in Greenland. “Ammalivatsiar” means star while the first part “Ammaler” has the meaning hole and the second part “tsiar” small. So my former thoughts where not that strange after all!

When did you become a human being is the question to ask about when someone was born. As you can see we are learning Greenlandic but it keeps being exhausting. As if every day you step on your bike and you had to learn how to ride it all over again.

Winter is coming
That means that boats cannot go out any longer to fish and to hunt. It also means that building activities slow down or stop completely. Winter time gives people more time to come to join the bible school and Sunday services. In our last update we asked you to pray for the bible school. In the meantime a small family has come to Jesus in the bible school and it is very obvious how much peace Jesus gives. He really gives what the world cannot offer. So wonderful! We are also getting more contact to people who have alcohol problems (and want to get free from that). Please pray with us for wisdom in how we can help them.

By the way, the biggest building company here has recently gone bankrupt. This has a huge impact. A childcare center for about 100 children can for example not be finished and also the renovation and building of houses has stopped.

Friends of ours, Mikki, Rebekka and their 3 children (age 3-11) will be coming back to Tasiilaq. He has received cancer treatment in Denmark and it seemed getting better, but the cancer came back. If God does not heal him, he will not live long any more. That is a terribly painful perspective being only 51.

New contacts
During the last two weeks the group of short term missionaries from Norway and Germany was in Tasiilaq again. We have become friends in the meantime and it was such a blessing to have them here. They have been coming here for 10 years already and have built a big network. We have met some new people through them and hope to be able to invest in them on a structural level through the services and the bible school. There is nothing better than getting to know Jesus better and making Him known to other as well. But the best is yet to come; He will really come back. The Man on whose birth we based our timeline! Are you ready for that?

Warm greetings,
Peter, Katharina and Joël

We have entered October and with that the snow is slowly coming again and painting the mountaintops white. Fishing and hunting not only brings me in live contact with our food, it also gives me the opportunity to meet other people. Frequently someone asks if I was a tourist that was being sailed around… But slowly people start realizing that we are not going to leave Tasiilaq very soon.

Bible school
Shortly we will start the bible school again, which I am really looking forward to. We will look into what actually is so good about the Good News and dive into the bible together to get familiar with it. Topics that will be covered amongst others are what it means to know Jesus as Lord and who the Holy Spirit is. We are looking forward to Gods renewing power. He is never tired of changing lives profoundly.
In a village with 2.000 inhabitants, where 60 foster families are still not enough to take care of all children in need, I long to see far-reaching change! With God everything is possible. Please pray with us for new people to attend bible school and that Gods freedom will touch them deeply.

With trial and error
Not everything goes smooth. One Saturday we heard for example that we could not use the facilities for the Sunday service the next day. And we have had much less people coming to the meetings. We get disappointed but don’t indulge in it and get on with praying, looking forward to the spiritual growth of people. This week we will also start an east Greenlandic language course! That will improve the communication in every aspect, also in the small group of people we engage with. I (Peter) will also start an online course biblical storytelling. A well told story has always more impact than an action list of several points.

Syrian refugees at our sending organization Globe Mission
Our German sending organization, Globe Mission, is going to welcome 35 Syrian refugees into their guesthouse. They will shortly arrive and are going to stay for half a year. I would like to ask you if you would support them financially.

What is needed is the following: a matrass (100€), a pillow (15€), a blanket (35€), bed sheets (25€). Every item needs to be purchased 30 times. Furthermore there is 2.000€ needed to adjust the guesthouse. If you want to support you can make a transaction to the bank account mentioned below with the subject ‘refugee help guesthouse 986”. More information can be found on the Globe Mission website.

Warm greetings from Greenland,
Peter, Katharina and Joël

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