A typical event

First I spoke with him about the skull of a polar bear and today it went about a mysterious odor in a house...

Our return to Tasiilaq is with mixed feelings. Joyful and also missing our family and friends. But we experience that God has called us to the people of East Greenland. The people we saw were very excited to start learning more about God through the Bible school and services again.

A typical event
After I brought Joël to the daycare, I walked back and got invited to step into a car. The driver had once asked me if I wanted to buy the skull of a polar bear. I had said that I was only interested in the meat. But now the question was different: it was about a problem that many people here seem to have and where our western society finds this very strange.

A woman he knows was visited last night. Not only could she clearly experience a person being in the house, but she could also smell him! And if I wanted to deal with this evil spirit (yes you are reading this well). We exchanged phone numbers and I am allready looking forward to the peace that God wants to bring into this situation.

Further help
Mastering the language is essential for us and other things will have to make room for that. Next week we will start hiring someone who can teach us baby steps in learning the language. For the interested, we will use the LAMP method. In short, that means we endlessly repeat short sentences and slowly will expand the conversations. This project will cost 250 Euro a month. We do not know how many months this will take. Would you like to help us (structurally) in this project?

Another project is that we have invited a Greenlandic pastor from the West Coast. For five days he will give a course (read conference), in which God can touch the pain of the heart and release people from their bondage. The flight in November has been booked allready and the total costs will be 2.000 Euro. In addition to the teachings. he will counsel people in the evenings. This is indispensable. Would you like to help us help the people here, making Gods Kingdom expand?

If you wish to contribute to the language project or the course, please reply to this email stating where the next gift should go to.

Finally, we want to thank everyone for the care, attention, love and support that we experienced during our furlough in the Netherlands and Germany! We are refreshed and have gained new strength!

Thanks for your prayers and support!
Warm regards and be blessed,
Peter and Thinka