The pressure is rising

It’s like you suddenly have become a small child in an adult body. We keep asking people to repeat themselves and we have a hard time of repeating even the smallest words. Working cross cultural is a humbling, painful and fun experience!

(Peter) I have read somewhere that people who are cross cultural workers, will keep experiencing some stress. And as a direct Dutch man and a “punktlich” German woman, we notice that it takes much effort to explore the Greenlandic culture. Yet, we have been able to use a little of the language, for example while doing shopping. I remembered how to ask if the bananas had a discount. And indeed, they were on discount. 10 bananas for € 6,70 (7,5 USD) instead of for € 16,30 (18,3 USD). We  might really be able to get used to the culture, but we are not sure if that counts for the prices as well…

The pressure is rising
This year we are in Greenland for the 3rd year. The type of visa that we have now has been extended for a second time, which is the limit. Does this mean that we can not be in Greenland anymore? Technically, that is true. In June, our visa expires. So we are working hard to find another option. The idea to leave Greenland we find devastating, which also counts for the Greenlandic friends that we have made.
A handful of people are getting to know God better week by week, and we see them grow in their love. A young girl of 12 year old is very happy to join our bibleschool. And we gave education concerning baptism, as some are thinking about being baptised. These are just a few examples of what we see happening here. We feel like we are not done yet with the work and that Gods plan is for us to stay here. The problems concerning our visa feel like the sword of Damocles. We keep praying for it and have our eyes open for possibilities. Will you assist us in prayer?

A course that helps people further
A Greenlandic pastor (Brian Wind) still wants to come to Tasiilaq in order to give a 5-day course. In November, the weather has put a spanner in the works for him to come here. All had to be cancelled.  This course is of great value as it is given in Greenlandic and will touch upon the topic of heart pain (in particular as a result of alcohol, abuse and neglect). The course is very well regarded and we are eager to offer this to the people. The total costs are € 2.500 (2.800 USD). When 80% is in, then we can buy tickets and arrange the facility and hope to have Brian here in April. Would you consider supporting this work? Please mention any transfer via email, so we can count it.

For some time now we have not send any newsletters, so we could get better into the starting blocks with the time that we spared, to learn Eastgreenlandic. This has had a good effect! But we want to continue to inform you, so we are going to write a more extensive newsletter in March. Thanks for your support and prayers!

Warm regards,
Peter, Thinka, Joël en Cora