We are starting up

We have been back in Tasiilaq for five weeks and the cold wind from the north-east is announcing the change of season. In the midst of this change we are busy catching up with what is happening here: fishing, picking berries and hunting. The freezer is already full, so we can get through the winter and also have plenty to share.

What is keeping us busy?

It is a challange to pick up the work again, in all respects. Different relationships feel a bit rusted (if you can say it this way...). We have been without a translator for a long time now, which means that I have to speak in broken Danish. And that has to be translated ad-hoc by different people. Also the facility in which we meet has been available to us just once. Many are not coming at this time. What is the reason for that? Spiritual battle? The season?

It brings us back to the question: how are we being the church here? I realise very well that the amount of people do not not by definition show fruitfullness. God asks us to be faithfull and reliable and we try to follow His direction as good as possible. But which direction does He want to go to with the people here? Should we change activities? Shifting our focus? Would you pray for us?


Thinka's parents and two sisters have visited us for three weeks in Tasiilaq, which was very enjoyable. Participation in the Greenlandic way of living was a little challanging, because "you can not eat seal, can you?" But after the whale, the seal followed quickly and a then some polar bear meat. Yes, these are the local cows and goats. And as quickly as the time past by, we brought them with the boat to the island where their plane would take them back to Europe. Soon again, we will have two other lovely people paying us a visit. By the end of September, Rick and Esther will come from the Netherlands. We met them in the Netherlands and we would like to learn from their experience how they founded a church. We are very much looking forward to their coming!

Last but not least

Regarding the visa we have no report yet, so we wait patiently and expect to receive some news in November.

We hope to be able to write a newsletter soon as well!

A warm greeting and blessing!
Peter, Thinka, Joël and Cora