Time for an update!

It is high time for an update! We have been busy lately and a lot has happened. Are we in a new season maybe? A season of reaping?

What a season!

In two weeks time 8-9 people have come to faith. Someone asked us for help because of dark thoughts and someone else could see shadows. Also, someone suddenly had a strong desire to come to the Bible school. Another person took her granddaughters to Bible school, who came to faith. Before our own eyes we see how God heals (someone from back complaints), delivers (from demonic attacks) and people are set free from the power of the evil one! We just stand there and look at it. We could see the face of people changing and the eyes shone when God came to live in them! What a pleasure it is to see!

We appreciate your prayer for their growth in Christ! Because the spiritual battle is not won. For example, we know from a very different person that she is not coming anymore, because she got nightmares when she started to visit us again ... and therefore would rather not have any contact with us anymore. She does not understand that God wants to bring the darkness to light.

A visit from YWAM-Norway

A YWAM team has also come from Norway. They are on outreach here, just as I was 10 years ago. It is great to be able to work side by side! For some time, for example, we had the idea of helping a retired widower. He also opens his house for others, but there is actually no real help for him. His only son has an alcohol problem and does not live here. If our "true religion is ... assisting widows and orphans in their need" (James 1:27), then this is a good start. He would love to see his living room painted. It was dark and dirty. Below the photos. With the nine of us (also someone from the church) we started and we spent two hours cleaning his walls. Then the wall absorbed our paint and the next day the second layer came over it. What a difference and what a joy it gave this man and us!

Our own request for help

We still want to come up with our own request for help regarding the tax we have to pay. We are still in need of 12,000 Euro (+/- 15.000 USD). This is why: normally we pay tax on our annual "income" afterwards. Recently I found out that an interest charge of 1,250 Euro (+/- 1.550 USD) is therefore charged. That is a waste of money we think. To avoid interest charge, we therefore started to pay in advance. We will receive an interest tax for 2017 in September, unless we pay tax before May. That is where the challenge lies, because at the same time we are already paying the tax of 2018. We hope to be able to make this big shift, so that we will never have to pay an interest charge again, as we have started to pay taxes in advance. We are also looking for ways to reduce the lack, so we will not travel to the Netherlands this year, for example. We find it less charming to have to write a request for help because of taxes, but without it we can not be here. It is also pressuring for us, because it involves a large amount. But it would be very good, because we can avoid a high interest tax every year. Do you want to consider helping us in this shift and pray that this amount comes in?


The excitement is rising because in 7 weeks we expect the birth of our third child! We still do not know with certainty whether it is a boy or a girl. But we are certainly looking forward to the arrival of Thinka's mother in March, so that we are not alone!

A warm greeting,
Peter, Thinka, Joël, Cora and ...