Wonderful that we are helpless

“Uguapor” (= there he is), was what Cora (2 yrs.) responded to my question in Greenlandic where the fly was. It is astounding to see who easy she is picking up the language.

But also Joël is very able to speak the local language. He easily instructed our visitors how to play a game, and completely translated Thinka’s story on Noah on Sunday. That recent Sunday was special. A mother of five had come for the first time upon Thinka’s invitation. Normally we would only meet each other while picking up Joël from the kindergarden. She would then also pick up her son, who is best friends with Joël. One day, when she passed by our terrace, she started talking. She said that her mother had committed suicide (we guess a longer time ago), and also three or four siblings. That was a shocking (and usual) story. We desire to help out so much, but what do you do with this? The depth of this misery is so deep and we are not able to help. Isn’t that great to realize? Because what is impossible with us, is possible with God. That is why we were thrilled that she wanted to join the meeting. That Sunday, after sharing a testimony and speaking on Jesus’ love for Zacchaeus, she gladly received prayer. The love of God touched her and started to heal her heart. The peace of God came to her. It is so thrilling to see God at work where we are helpless.

That Sunday, she and her five children came to visit us. Will you pray for her? Pray that she will live in this new hope that she received?

Even though “only” five people showed up, the power of the Lord  was noticeable. Two other people were instantly healed of their back problems! Sometimes though, I (Peter) feel reserved about the miracles, because what I really desire to see is people who are madly in love with Christ and who are walking with Him in their daily lives. But… Jesus focusses on the joy that there is in miracles. Even kings and prophets wanted to see what His disciples saw. And He said about them:”Blessed are the eyes that see what you see!” (Luke 10:24). Blessed are we! We see God at work!

It has been some time ago, that the course “Pain of the Heart” was given. It helped people to be open about their painful past (sometimes for the first time!). Neglect, alcohol abuse and its consequences, sexual abuse and suicide (and having seen that happen); those are the kind of topics that was spoken about. The first days were very hard and emotionally burdensome. But afterwards the release came and people forgave others, while others experienced reconciliation! We had 12 participants this time and plan to have the course again next year. We also plan to have a day where the participants can come back and meet with each other.

Hopefully, we will be able to baptize a few people in the very near future! We plan to do that in the mountain-river. What shall happen because of this? How will people respond in Tasiilaq? This has never happened before. Either way, it will be a huge blessing for those who are being baptized! They follow Jesus, as He also was baptized.

In May, we have officially started the INO-church in Tasiilaq. That is the acknowledged Greenlandic Pentecostal church. The pastor who gave the course “PotH” has ordained us that Sunday in May. This was a special moment that we experienced together with our friends. It is a pleasant thought that we are now part of a larger community and people will also be able to identify with us in a clearer way. INO is organizing a leaders-conference for the local leaders and I would like to join for five days. The costs for this 2-day flight travel are 1.700 Euro. Would you like to help us with this?

To all who are soon going on holiday, enjoy the sun and warmth! Blessings!

Peter and Thinka