A wonderful conference on the westcoast

Dear friends,

Where there is unity, God commands His blessing. Leaders from all over Greenland met for the INO Leaders' Conference. That is the acknowledged Pentecostal church in Greenland, to which we have become members of this year. The distance that I had to travel was as far as from Turkey to Sweden and there were also 4 flights and an overnight stay needed. But I never wanted to miss this! In total, more than 20,000 Euros were needed for about 30 leaders to come together to the conference. Never before have almost all leaders in the country met in one meeting. And I think what we got back in return is so valuable.

What happened? Of course there have been lessons about leadership. We stayed close to the Bible. No fancy, over-spiritual or overly ambitious goals. But clear, simple and beautiful education that confirmed, corrected and encouraged us in our positions. For example, that we can not preach anything if we do not strive for it ourselves. Or that our speaking is supported by what we ourselves do. Or that we as leaders serve the local church (as part of the body of Christ) and that we should do this with a great effort. Bearing in mind that our family is more important than the church. Simple, clear and straightforward education. What a wonderful relief in this time in which so many people roam about. Praise God for Spirit-filled teaching!
What also has spoken to me is to hear how the hope and love that God shows through Jesus moves us to take our responsibility. If you are called to be a leader (1 Tim 3), then you have the task of reinforcing people in their relationship with God, unconstrained. In doing so, God pays attention to how you deal with your wife and children. Education has strengthened me to see the frameworks again, in which God wants to use me.

A somewhat more personal view that helps me is this: will I ever disappoint God in this all? No. Because God does not expect anything from me. Really. He does not expect it from me, but from His Spirit, who wants to work through me. Every hope in me is given up, because Jesus is now living in me. And He builds His church through us. And when I feel isolated or fail big time, I have a great "Lawyer" and Brother, who is never surprised or frightened of sin. Whoever flees to Him is untouchable.

I enjoyed and laughed with my spiritual brothers and sisters on the West Coast. All of them, each and every one, people who are wonderfully weak and know God's power in their lives. For a few days we were gone from home to be strengthened by each other's faith and love for Jesus. I am now on my way to Tasiilaq and now I am in Nuuk, in the little room in the church where this adventure started. We hope that I can fly on Wednesday, because another storm is coming in Tasiilaq. Then Thinka might have to care 2-3 more days for the kids all alone. What a hero, even if I say so myself.

Dear friends, I am very grateful that you contribute in one way or the other to the work here in Greenland. God's light is breaking through, amidst opposition. But speaking the truth in love, we will fully grow up into Him.

A warm greeting!