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May Update 2019

In the past month there has been national attention for Tasiilaq. Statistics of abuse and the great lack of help have reached the ears of politics. When you consider that every third child, since 1995, has suffered sexual abuse, it is really dramatic.

Politicians are helpless. “Once a month a psychologist flies over to Tasiilaq.” But that's like trying to extinguish a blazing forest fire with a water gun. The cause of every fifth person who dies is suicide. In the Netherlands that is one in a thousand.

But we have the message in our heart that offers a solution! The gospel brings hope and life. God is not slow and is not absent. His presence and wisdom heal when people seek Him. At the beginning of May we held the annual course "Pain of the heart". For this, a pastor from the west coast flies over to us to teach and counsel for a week. His ministry is based entirely on gifts. 14 people (8 new participants) have faced their pain - sometimes for the first time. I am thinking of one woman in particular, who before the course did not understand why they are so angry and tired of each other at home. She wanted someone to come and pray away the spirit that must be causing these problems. Now she has discovered that these feelings are related to the many abuses she has suffered. Traumas have been touched by God and people have forgiven the perpetrators. It was special and intensive again and there is still a long way to go - with God's help!

Unfortunately, the costs for the course are not yet covered. Would you like to help us with this?

Our furlough in Europe

We are already preparing for the trip to the Netherlands and Germany. We eat as much fish as possible or give it away, so that at least 1 freezer will be empty... We look forward to meeting you and to be able to share many more details that are not suitable to tell via the digital way.

In the Netherlands we have a mission evening in the Pentecostal church "Morgenstond" on Saturday July 6, starting at 7:30 PM. Address is César Franckrode 58 in Zoetermeer.

We would also be happy to visit you and your house-group. If you are interested, feel free to mail.


Since we started to change the Bible school, because we wanted more interaction, we see that God is doing something new. When we talked about the story of the Tower of Babel for example, it became clear that people are again going their own way. And then suddenly the promise comes to Abram! Something big is coming. It is exciting to see how God gradually reveals Himself and His plan. You would think that people already know everything. But nothing is less true. The stories are fresh and new and bring about change in people (and us).

Warm greetings from Greenland and see you soon!

Peter and Katharina

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