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Missionhouse in sight

In 2015 we started missionary work in Greenland. In the beginning there were about 4 people structurally comming to the Sunday services. In the meantime, that number has grown to around 20 people per Sunday. The place we rent for these services is still the same, but that will soon change. The building will receive a new owner in April and its purpose will change. That means that we will no longer be able to rent it for Sunday services and need a different location soon.

Good news!
We have always been on the look out for a good alternative. Fortunately we found one. The municipality of Tasiilaq has offered us a nice location to build an own facility. On July the 15th we hope to start building a new missionhouse. Together with many supporters 110,000 Euro has been saved. We are very happy about that! But that is only half of what is needed to realize the entire missionhouse. Before the end of March we still need 50,000 Euro. With that we can purchase the foundation and building materials for the house and transport everything by ship from Denmark to Tasiilaq. The rest, 70,000 Euro, is needed by the end of May for plumbing and electricity work. There are pending applications from various funds that could provide for a part.

Do you want to consider contributing financially? We are looking for 100 people who, before the end of March, want to invest 500 Euro into the construction of the missionhouse. Thinka and I will be the first ones to put in 500 Euro each. Together we can achieve the goal! You can transfer money via this link or make a transfer to the account number mentioned at the end of this e-mail, subject “Project 486”.

How wonderful it would be if we had a permanent place, from where the Kingdom of God can spread over Tasiilaq and the surrounding villages. We can already see it: a spacious building for the Bible school, Sunday services, deliverance- and healing services, and more! We long for more people to come to know Jesus so that their lives will be changed. Like for example the one of a mother, who shared that she experiences Gods peace so much that she is not screaming anymore at home. Wonderful for her husband, who also came to faith, and her children. We are so grateful to God for doing such things. The facility that we plan to build is necessary so that this work does not have to stop, but that it can grow even more.

Practical help?
In the period between the 15th of July and the 15th of September we need people who want to help with the construction of the house. Are you interested? We look forward to receive an email from you.

A warm greeting,
Peter and Thinka

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