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First phase succesfully finished!

"Does Corona affect the building project?" This is the most common question we get. A quick answer is this: strangely, not really. Because we are currently on schedule and even plan to start construction earlier.

“On schedule” practically means that we have ordered the material for the foundation and the house! Great news of course! On April 1st, we placed the order with the expectation that the money for its transport will arrive on time. This completes the first phase. We are very grateful for that! Production has started and the architect in Denmark is doing his utmost to get everything on time to the first ship to Tasiilaq. This will arrive in early June.

The second phase has started!
This means that we are looking for volunteers and financial support.
• before June 8th, the remaining money for the transport must be received (10,000 Euro)
• The money for electricity and plumbing must be received by the beginning of July (55,000 Euro). This work has to be done by the locals, because specific knowledge is needed (legislation, environmental requirements, etc.). This also includes wages.
• a buffer is very desirable before the 1st of July, for unforeseen costs (15,000 Euro).

Are you building with us?
Anyone who wants to help is welcome. We are well aware that corona does play a role in this, because maybe there are not flights. But we just go on with this adventure. All national flights will fly again in early May, because Greenland is corona-free.

People are needed from mid-June to early September. Our preference is the month of July. It takes 1.000 hours to build this building. A befriended Greenlandic carpenter comes to help us for 5 weeks, so we need 5 more people to build the house in 1 month. Are you participating?

We are happy to answer your questions and think along with you about accommodation, travel and, for example, insurance. You can reply to this email if you want.

Warm greetings!
Peter and Thinka

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