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October 2022

During the meetings there were sometimes people who also wanted prayer. For example, almost 2 months later I received the message that someone has not had a migraine since that prayer and the deliverance that took place with it. Another testimony is of a lady who got on her bicycle after prayer, and the pain suddenly disappeared completely from her back. God performed miracles as He did in Greenland.

Back in Greenland
We have now been back in Greenland for over two months. When we got back from our leave, we found that we didn't have to start all over again. But I was also aware that I wanted to change the activities. I felt a bit like the sower, who was just sowing, not knowing if it is really coming up. I realized that the Lord Himself had selected a few disciples to invest in. I wanted that too.

That's why I wanted to change our Bible school. One could always come and go there. So much was sown, but we could not easily build on what had already been sown, because of “level differences”. This is why I offered a course to those who wanted to devote themselves to it. Normally about 15-20 people attended the Bible School. But now there would be a ten-week course, where something more is also expected. We are now in week 9, where we could go much more in depth with about 8 people. And the result is that we learn to leave the carnal behind and start living spiritually. We'll tell you more in the next newsletter!

On Sundays new people keep coming, who come into contact with God's love and His power. I would like to highlight a testimony. For example, a woman contacted us via Facebook and she thought she had to pay for prayer, because that's how it goes with "healers". She had consulted a "healer" a few years ago and paid 80 euros for it. But the problems only got worse after that. Now she was looking for another way to solve her problem. There was a "presence" in her house and she even got scratched on her body because of this. As mentioned, she was willing to pay money for it, but I invited her to come over on Sunday and get the best there is for free.

When she heard the Gospel, she decided to respond to it and so she was born again and immediately the Lord delivered her! An evil spirit left her under protest… Full of joy she went back home and she is now learning to pray on her own. That presence is gone and the children no longer “see”... Jesus lives and reveals Himself to us, as He promised to do.

New phase
The work is in a phase where we want to increase the mutual connection – and thus growth – and we realize more and more that prayer is necessary for this. We also want to give testimonials more space. Because our translator is going to Nuuk (the capital) for a month, we will use that time specifically for 2 things: prayer, to prepare the further growth of the church. And we're going to focus again on picking up the Greenlandic language. We have also begun to pray that the Lord will send a couple (it is unknown who this will be) here to support us in the work. Will you pray with us in these topics?

Warm regards and God bless!
Peter and Thinka

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