An incredible week

This last week we had a great time in which tens of people decided to put their trust in the work that Jesus did for us on the cross. The message of forgiveness and new life was confirmed by the Lord with miracles!

Last Friday spontaneously we organised a great meeting with short term missionairies who come every half year and 5 local people. We preached the Gospel, had a testimony and people were healed. I wrote "we" organised a great evening, but of course it was God who blessed us richly in unity, salvation and miracles!

What touched us was the number of young people who were attracted by the evening. There were some with tears in their eyes when they were about to put their trust in what Jesus had done for us. Will you pray with us that they will continue to grow in faith and follow Jesus? In the end we prayed for healing and many came to the front for that. Among other things, we saw that God took away backpains!

Before the evening really began I introduced that someone from Tasiilaq would give her testimony. During the Bibleschool she and her husband came to faith. She testified what God had done and that their marriage underwent deep changes, which also their children noticed. On this evening we were also alert to the fact that people are afraid of "other religions". A rumor that is going on is that "we" (including our Greenlandic friends) are from a different faith. There is a lot of suspicion. Two people immediately approached us if we believed the same as the Lutheran church. That is why I repeatedly spoke about our use of their own Greenlandic Bible.

Another point we were a bit nervous about was about the attendence of new people in church. Would they come? It is good and necessary for the church to grow (in depth as well as in width). There were seven new people on Sunday morning! That was a great encouragement for all of us. Will this continue? Will they suddenly leave? Would you please pray for our spiritual growth?

Our focus
We heard that we probably can not use the place for our weekly Sunday meetings anymore. Also summer is coming and people get more busy with building, fishing, hunting and -of course- holidays. These developments, including the expected birth in the beginning of June, cause us to ask ourselves a few questions: will we continue to meet weekly on Sunday? How about the Bible School? Will we maybe organise big monthly (evangelistic) meetings? We have to be flexible. It may mean that we have a meeting suddenly or for example have "nothing" for three weeks. Would you please pray with us for guidance? And of course we appreciate your prayers for the birth (preparations...).

Warm greetings and thanks so much for your support (in whatever way that is).
God bless you!
Peter, Katharina and Joël