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About Light in Greenland

At first glance, Tasiilaq seems to be an idyllic village with its colorful houses. But nothing is further from the truth. Alcoholism, domestic violence and abuse are a daily occurrence and the suicide rate is among the highest in the world. In this darkness, Gods Light begins to shine. We are amazed to see how hungry the people here are for God and how He in return meets their hunger and gives new life. Helping people to grow in this new life with God and each other is the main focus of our work. We do this through relationship as well as organized activities. We hold weekly Sundayservices and twice during the week there is a Bible school. Counseling and evangelistic meetings are also part of our work.

We have started the work in 2015 with about 4 regular participants. By now the group of believers has grown to about 20, who structurally join the fellowship and we had the privilege to have baptized 10 people. It is one thing to get to know God and another to keep walking with Jesus. To mature in trust in God does not happen overnight. We need each other to grow in faith and love. That is what we invest in. The people here on the East Coast of Greenland have almost no possibilities that help them to grow in their life with God.

Through teaching and preaching we share the good news of reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ and support the young Christians in growing in their new life with Him. Counseling is another important part of the work in helping Christians overcome their past and develop new habits for their lives. We are happy that GINOSKO, the counseling ministry of the INO church, is aiding this part of the work with its course “pain of the heart” that is now held once a year in Tasiilaq.

The work with children and youth as well as other initiatives such as women’s meetings etc. are very limited so far due to a lack of facility. However, by Gods grace we have finished the building of a mission house in 2020 and make use of this now.

Our goal is to connect people with God. Those who have been touched by the love of God joyfully testify about the hope of the new life they have received. These stories start to go round in the village. People see that lives have changed for good and that families are starting to experience healing and reconciliation. We see how the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ continues today as He is setting people free from sicknesses, delivers them from evil spirits and gives them a new life in Him.

In 2018 we have officially become part of the Greenlandic Free Church INO (“New Life Church”).