About Light in Greenland

It is one thing to get to know God and another to keep walking with Jesus. To become mature in Christ does not happen in one night. We need each other to grow in faith and love. That is what we invest in. The people here in the Eastcoast of Greenland have almost no possibilities that help them to grow in their life with God.

In the Netherlands we have been busy with discipleship for a few years, teaching them how to grow up in following Jesus. Now we do this work in Greenland. The bible, translated into west Greenlandic, is a pillar in the Sunday services as well as the mini bible school we have started. All teaching is translated from English/Danish into East Greenlandic.

To facilitate this work we aim at building a missions house . This house will not only serve as meeting place but should also be a support for the local community. You could think of activities for single moms or a safe place for young people to relax.

We also plan to hold healing services in the missions house. In doing so we want to obey Jesus' command to lay hands on the sick and seeing the Kingdom of God advance.

The work does not only happen here in Greenland. This country is not commonly known as a missions field even though it certainly is. Therefore we try to bring Greenland and its needs under attention, mainly in the Netherlands and Germany. In doing so we focus on the East coast, as there is not one mature gathering of believers yet. As this article is written in 2015, we have come to developments now, end of 2018. A few people have been baptised and we became part of the officially acknowledged Pentacostal Church of Greenland, which is called INO.