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About us

We are Peter and Katharina de Graaf, married since 2009. By now, we are the proud parents of three kids. Our son Joël was born in 2013 in Holland and our daughters Cora (2016) and Leni (2018) were born in Greenland.

In 2006, Peter has been in Greenland to do short term missionary work (as part of his DTS with YWAM). The way the Gospel touched the people created a desire in him to return to Greenland in the future. The work had just begun, and further discipleship was very necessary.

Five years later, in 2011, we realized that God called us to work in advancing His kingdom in East Greenland.

In September 2014, we moved to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, where we experienced a little bit of the culture, language and the existing Christian work on the West Coast.

End of January 2015 we arrived to the village of Tasiilaq, on the East Coast, where we are working since. We are thankful that Gods has send us here and enjoy sharing the good news of reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ with the people around us. It is wonderful to see God at work in the lives of a growing number of Greenlanders. We are happy that from the beginning, God has provided someone who is capable of translating our poor Danish into East Greenlandic. But it is important to us to understand the people we live amongst and to be able to reach them in their heart language. Therefor we try to learn East Greenlandic.

We love to join our Greenlandic friends in the hunting and fishing culture and are excited to learn mastering the challenges that come with that.