Our vision is to reach the east coast of Greenland with the healing message of Gods love, which has been made visible in Jesus. It takes some time before someone can live their live in this wonderful news being led by the Spirit of God. Our goal is to train the existing Christians in their live with God as well as to make the love of God known to outsiders.

When the believers grow in their faith they will be able to reach their own people with the news of Jesus in word and deed. Tasiilaq is our starting point in this work which then shall spread into the surrounding villages. As soon as the local Greenlandic church can effectively reach the surrounding villages with the Good News it is time for us to draw back. There have to be mature Greenlandic leaders then, that can train others themselves. This will bring a far-reaching change in the community which is now marked by suicide, abortion, alcohol abuse, incest and gambling.