Project Mission House

A Mission House for Tasiilaq

When thinking about the possibilities to take up the work of God in Tasiilaq in January 2015, we quickly came to the conclusion that there is a lack of facilities. The group of short-term missionaries that was coming to Tasiilaq since 10 years had also been on the search for a suitable house to do Christian work. Talking and praying together, the idea was born to buy a (old) building that can be turned into a Mission House. The vision suddenly became much larger. Not only do we want to reach Tasiilaq with the Good News, but the other five villages around Tasiilaq as well. The Mission House will have a crucial role in making this possible.

What has happened so far?

Together with the group of short term missionaries, the church in Nuuk (INO) and one local Greenlander we have formed an institution which will own and manage the Mission House. This ensures that the house remains to be a facility for the work for Gods Kingdom on a structural basis. We are really happy with this cooperation that crosses land borders and denominations! After disappointing attempts we have finally come the time where the community has assigned a building area to us! This Mission House is a long term project and will serve the work of God here on the east coast for many years.

How can you help?

Prayer is the first thing necessary. We lean on that. Furthermore, we also need financial support. We have saved up to 60.000 Euro, but we need a total of 300.000 Euro. Donations for the Mission House are tax deductible. For information check on the right, where also a Paypal button is found which can be used by all. The Paypal button only supports deductibility in the USA. For Germany and Holland, check those respective website languages.

We are looking forward to have a facility one day, which will provide for the work of bringing people in contact with God!